About DebtCrew

DebtCrew is a family orientated company that strives for the most professional and efficient service when it comes to bespoke solutions to assist individuals with their financial perils.

This may include but not limited to financial advice pertaining to over indebtedness or any other related issues that may be required.

We have within our company ownership extensive banking experience and strong HR background which enables us to provide in depth assistance within these specialised fields to ensure proper and sound advice is provided that may assist you in resolving your financial troubles.


What is debt counselling?


Debt counselling is a formal debt management process, whereby a debt counsellor arranges for you to pay lower monthly instalment and interest rates over an extended period of time. This provides you with immediate financial relief, so you can afford to pay off your debts and cover your basic living costs. Debt counselling through DebtCrew will enable you to take full control of your finances quickly and effectively, while keeping your assets.


What is Sequestration?


If you are an individual and struggle to pay your debts, the credit providers can sequestrate your estate or assets.  You can also declare “voluntary sequestration” whereby your estate and/or assets are used to pay off debts that may otherwise take over ten years to pay back. The money obtained from the sale of your assets is then distributed equally amongst your creditors.

This is the appeal, that sequestration lets you exit the whole procedure debt free and the ability to create a new start. No creditors or debt collectors will bother you again or come knocking on your door looking for their next payment.

After you apply for a Rehabilitation Court Order, which is available to you after; more or less; three and a half years, you can resume a healthy financial life.

This may seem like an extreme solution but more than often, it is the only alternative to avoid years of repayments and high interest rates.

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